Message by Honourable Chief Justice of Pakistan


Provision of expeditious and inexpensive justice is a part of the principles of policy in the Constitution. It is considered critical to democratic life, social stability and economic development of a country. Improved service delivery and aligned special measures for increased relevancy and efficiency within the judicial sector in a comprehensive manner is, therefore, imperative.

Ever since my joining the legal profession, delay in getting justice has constantly been haunting my conscience. It has always been my desire to address this issue one way or the other. As the senior Puisne Judge of the Supreme Court of Pakistan I spearheaded the establishment of model Courts in the Province of the Punjab in the year 2017. It responded very well in terms of delivery. After taking over as the Chief Justice I made it my first priority to strive for improved service delivery.

In order to achieve the above objective, “Expeditious Justice Initiative” was envisioned. The idea is to provide for establishment of “Model Criminal Trial Courts” and introduction of time-bound criminal trial regime through management and scheduling mechanism. The focus of this initiative places emphasis on fairness and efficiency of our justice system through efficient service delivery within the existing legal framework and optimum utilization of the available resources.

Once operationalized, the initiative, I am confident, will benefit the end users of justice system in concrete terms.


Justice Gulzar Ahmed

Chief Justice of Pakistan